Hey guys,

So I have DONE it and I have launched my first ever podcast called “Hey Hun”. This is a lifestyle podcast that I am hosting with my best friend Anna Kola. This is now available on all digital platforms.

Link to spotify is here – tune in weekly



You can also listen on Apple Podcasts 

This week was all about friendship. My advice is this when it comes to friendship:

  • Be around friends that want the best in you and make you become better
  • Go out of your comfort zone to make friends
  • There are boundaries in friendship, real friends will tell you how it is
  • True friends will be there no matter what
  • If you have lost friends in the past, they where never really your friend – probably just suppose to be in your life for that moment in time
  • Life is always going on, you never know when you will meet lifelong friends
  • Your close friends become like you family, like Anna is to me – she is the sister I never had
  • It is good to have friends from different cultures