I have recently been introduced to Chicory and I have this as a coffee alternative which is amazing. It is like having a coffee without all of the caffeine. You can’t actually notice the difference. I am someone that loves coffee so much and I wanted to consume a lot less so this is a brilliant alternative for it.

Chicory is gluten free and I have removed gluten out of my diet, simply for the fact that my skin has completely transformed since doing this. It is so much more clearer. If you are suffering from breakouts or anything then giving up gluten is definitely a way forward.

Prewetts Roasted Chicory Drink is naturally gluten and caffeine free so it makes the perfect ‘bedtime cuppa’ at a price everyone will enjoy. Roasted Chicory Drink is made from the root of the chicory plant which is carefully cut, split, dried, roasted extracted and spray dried to ensure a delicious smooth roasted flavour.

Chicory has a rich deepening taste and it won’t keep you up at night. If you want to give up coffee or you are looking for an alternative – then this is a brilliant choice.

Maya xxx