I am at the stage of my life in which I feel are my prime years. A young women in her early 30s.

I think from the moment you are born to 10 years old you are just learning the basics, from 10 to 20 is when you go through puberty and become and adult, 20 – 30s is about finding “yourself” and when you get to 30s you are fully grown up, don’t care what people think and life truly does begin!

Living life in my prime years

My view is that I do not want to rely on anyone. Whether that is relying on someone for money, even happiness (that all comes from within and it is all to do with self love). I read this quote once and it is – you are the master of your life so you need to create your destiny. I love this quote and I believe in it so much.

Self Love

I truly believe that self love comes from within. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say, that actually does not define you. You can’t expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself!

I take care of myself and I make this a huge priority in life. Going to the gym and training 5 days a week is extremely important to me. I am lucky that I have an amazing trainer but it is something that is a number one priority for me.

Keeping fit to live a long and healthy life

As well as looking good I want to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. I was born healthy so there is no reason why this should be negotiated. I also eat well and sleep. As well as the physical side of things, I take care of my brain. Meditation is amazing – my mummy is a huge advocate and does this everyday. I also am very “mindful” and in the moment each day. I have also come to realise there are absolutely billions of people in the world. You will never run out of people so there is never really a need to stay with anyone whether it is a friend or lover that is toxic. I only want to surround myself with good hearted people with good intentions.

Being Independant

So – some people may not agree with me on this but I think independence is so important. I come from a family where my mum has worked her whole life so I don’t actually know any different. She also studied a degree while bringing up two young children and ran a household. She is a superhuman in my eyes. Yes, she worked hard to give us a better life but it also showed me how important it is to make your own money as a woman.

I have faffed about in jobs but I have finally found my calling. I thought I wanted to be an accountant, tried to work in a bank (massively learnt that it was not for me) and tried teaching (which I sometimes do on the side). The media industry is something I am thriving in and even in between jobs and projects I have worked in concerts front of house to be close to that world and met some of my best friends for life in jobs people may not regard as a “proper” job. Making my own money has been important to me because everything I have I have worked for. The holidays I go on, all of my clothes I wear and my makeup etc.

YOU come first

I am very fortunate in life to have the parents that I do that have set me up for life but I do not take this for granted at all. I still want to work and I do not feel entitled just because they have things they should give them to me. No way! If I have a daughter I want to teach her that working is so good. You meet so many people at work and you are in different situations. I have a huge social circle of friends I have met from working.

Women have babies and have time off – that is totally fine and I will take some time out when I have my kids but I have to also do something. Even if that means working part time or writing a blog/book.

All of my friends who have remained independent have said they are better mothers for it. I believe a women needs things of her own – for me it is my fitness and the creative world. I definitely will take some time out when I have my children but I won’t ever be the woman that doesn’t do anything either. Some of the women I totally respect have big families and work like Victoria Beckham! I just think it shows a good example to your children and they learn a lot at nursery anyway rather than being stuck at home. There are also so many amazing family kids club like Purple Dragon Play in Chelsea which is an exclusive kids club. They have cooking classes, a pool to learn to swim and mothers can also network too. I would love to do a mixture of take my kids to a club like that, put them in nursery a few days a week which will give me time to focus on myself too like fitness and keep up a career.

Work hard for your dreams and do not expect things for free

Also, in the Indian culture if a man is making all of the money that also gives a level of control I think. Maybe I am a big feminist but its my view that it is a partnership and stimulating for the mind. No one has the right to control anyone in this world and equality is super important.

London – born and bred I have been exposed to so many different cultures and I know a mix of people from all walks of life. We are living in a city where anything is accepted within reason and we have the choice to live the life we want. In third world countries women may not have the same rights so I believe we should be super grateful for that here in London.

Stop making excuses

Going to the gym is hard, you are out of your comfort zone and some exercises really do hurt. I however love the challenge and I know the benefits it will give me. It is the same with work and family life – you have to give something everything. I always want to be be the girl that works hard in all areas of her life.

Always strive for what you want

Relying on anyone in life I think is a dangerous thing. I believe your relationship with yourself has to be the best and then you can work as a partnership. Have big dreams and strive for them.


My view is that a happy person is a positive person. I have really learnt to develop this. When you do, you only want the best people around you. I have read the book – The Secret and I am a huge believer in the law of attraction. The mind is a super strong muscle and everything you think about you attract.

  • The job
  • The partner
  • Your health
I always want to be happy

I only ever think “happy thoughts” and my life has transformed massively. Every-time a negative thought comes into my mind I change it into a positive one. This is the way I want to live my life – happy and positive.

Going Forward

I always want to move forward in life, of course there are things I regret but you have to keep looking forward. Being  Independent, having a huge amount of self love and a positive mind are the key ingredients for a happy mind and a happy life.

Always look forward

I have stopped making excuses for myself now. If you want something there is always a way, end of.