So – I went to an amazing 1920’s Great Gatsby Party at The Troxy, London. Incredible venue and night. I adore the 1920’s decade especially the fashion.

1920’s Fashion

At the dawn of the 1920’s, the world was still reeling from the first world war.

Dress historian Jayne Shrimpton writes in Fashion in the 1920s: “The development of a more convenient, modern female wardrobe was a major trend of the 1920s and was achieved through the progressive simplification of dress as the decade advanced – a rejection of formality and multiple layers, in favour of comfort and a lighter, more natural effect.”

I wore an amazing purple flapper dress that I purchased from Smiffys. This decade was all about the flapper for sure! Flapper costumes in the 1920s where loose but glamorous. During the day flappers dressed in drop-waist dresses with a small belt or wide sash to accent the tip line instead of the waist. Flat chests further enhanced the boyish flapper outfit. The evening brought out knee-length and longer fringe, beading, and sequin flapper dresses with rhinestone and feather headbands creating a fun and feminine flapper outfit.

The first Great Gatsby movie premiered in 1974 influencing some dazzling disco fashions of the decade. The flapper style revived again in the 1980s with long fringe dresses and sequin-covered gowns. It is back today, thanks in part to the 2013 Great Gatsby movie.

For your authentic flapper costume, choose a dress made of a light material like chiffon, silk/satin or crepe. Be sure to wear a matching slip if the dress. Elaborate beading will make the dress stand out like I am wearing. Your dress should be knee-length or longer for authenticity (but can be shorter for a 1920s inspired look).

So what exactly is a flapper?

No one knows how the word flapper entered American slang, but its usage first appeared just following World War I.

The classic image of a flapper is that of a stylish young party girl – which is what I am. Flappers smoked in public, drank alcohol, danced at jazz clubs and practiced a sexual freedom that shocked the Victorian morality of their parents.

This is one of the most fun fancy dress looks ever!

The Troxy, London

The Troxy in East London is a super cool venue! Troxy is a Grade II-listed Art Deco music venue on Commercial Road in Stepney, London. Built as a cinema in 1933, it closed in 1960 and became a training school for the London Opera Centre. In the 1980s the building was used as a bingo hall, and the Troxy was converted to a live events space in 2006.