Dreams do come true

I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody at the Curzon Cinema in Victoria this evening and WOW!!! Music is a massive passion of mine and I have always been a fan of the band Queen. Freddie Mercury, his real name being Farrokh Bulsara was someone that wanted to be true to who he really was. I found out so much about a star that has created a true legacy and music will always live on. This movie is like a documentary of Freddie Mercury’s life and I found out so much about an incredible performer.

Issues explored

The film explores so many issues that are affect people in life like having a really big dream, not being accepted, having a passion and sexuality as Mercury was gay. I love how his true love for his long term lover Mary Austin was portrayed and how much she meant to him. However, his sexuality did stop this relationship.

Never give up

The ending was insane and the acting was incredible. I actually felt really tearful towards the end of the movie. Freddie Mercury is an example of someone who didn’t give up in life and was someone who was true to his authentic self. It is easy to lie in life but to be a true person is what makes you great and live a full life. He came from a Parsis background and wasn’t really supported in his creative dreams. Like any human he battled many demons but he really did create music magic and songs audiences will always remember forever.

Music Magic

My favourite part of the movie is when the management didn’t believe in the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” and it went onto become a world famous hit. I love how music Queen made has a bit of opera, soul and rock in, this is just genius!!!

My favourite Queen song is WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!! Just as the movie mentions this engages the audience and gets the reaction like no other! Queen really knew how to engage their fans.


Unfortunately Freddie Mercury died at only 45 years old which is no age at all from AIDS. He is a legend and someone that will be remembered forever. I am so grateful his talents came out into the world and we now have these incredible songs forever. I am  a girl that has my own creative dreams in life. Watching how he was first of all number one true to himself and number two how hard he worked for it makes him one of my idols.