Skin Love

As I have got older, I really have started to care so much for my skin. I use to shop in department stores for my skin products but now I really don’t. After doing a lot of research, I found an amazing place called Paul Edmonds in South Kensington, London that specialises in skin. My skin isn’t so bad but I want to care for it in the best possible way.

So, I went to see a facialist called Sunita at Paul Edmonds and she is educating me so much about my skin. I had a deep pore cleaning facial for my first treatment.

This facial basically helped my skin to hydrate and minimise pores without drying out my skin. Of course, not one facial will make you have flawless skin. Sunita has now educated me about the importance of doing a lot of the work at home.

First Facial at Paul Edmonds, London
First Facial at Paul Edmonds, London

I am in a very strict routine with my skin and I have invested in some of the best skin products in the market from SkinCeuticals which you can actually only get in salons (I got this at Paul Edmonds) – so that shows just how good it is. I would never put something on my face now that someone is trying to sell me in a department store from a sales assistant. It is important to be around specialist people who are educated in that field.

So my skin routine is below and all of this is from SkinCeuticals:

  1. I cleanse my face using the Blemish and Age Cleanser ( this decongests, refines pores, minimises blemishes and brightens the skin)
  2. After cleansing I tone my face using the SkinCeutucals EqualisingToner (this toner helps to balance, refresh, and restore the skin’s protective pH mantle while removing excess residue) I never really understood the importance of toning but wow it has made such a difference and it cleans my face properly
  3.  After toning I use the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic 30ml and this this skincare treatment helps to reinforce the skin’s natural protection against free radicals and helps to protect the skin against external aggressions that may cause damage to the skin. This is one of the best serums I have ever invested in ever
  4. I then moisturise using the SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture 50ml ( this lightweight pore-minimising moisturiser for normal or oily skin helps to hydrate, nourish, and reduce the appearance of pore size with a combination of natural extracts)
  5. After I have done all of this I use a sunscreen SO important and I using this Mineral Radiance UV Defense (this has a bit of a shine so I don’t wear foundation when I put this on day to day)

I have been doing this routine for a while and wow my skin is looking different. Sunita has said she wants my skin to be clean as possible and a lot of the work is done from home too. My routine takes me about 20 minuets in the morning and in the evening. I would rather invest in my skin though instead of makeup.

Second Facial

So, my second facial was a bespoke facial. I had a light peel and we also added some LED light therapy. This was so relaxing. The light starts with blue and then turns to red.

LED Light Therapy RED
LED Light Therapy RED

The benefits of a skin peel are:

  • Collagen boosting
  • Eliminates pigmentation and reduces acne scarring
  • Gives you a gorgeous glow

The LED light therapy include:

LED Light Therapy BLUE
LED Light Therapy BLUE
  • Reducing fine line and wrinkles
  • Increases hydration
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Soothes redness and irriration
  • Shrinks enlarged pores
  • Works as an antibacterial treatment
  • Normalises oil production

I am going to have a facial every month and really look after my face. I will keep you up-to-date with my skin journey. A lot of it starts from inside though. You need a nutritious, healthy diet and also drinking lots of water. I have noticed a huge difference to my skin and its not even been that long.

Maya xxx