My Pink Birthday

This is a very special blog post for me because I have had the best year and the best birthday party ever. I have celebrated with my beautiful family and having my best friends has been amazing. I know I am a very lucky blessed girl.

I know that I am the luckiest girl in the whole world to have brilliant people around me. This has been one of the best years of my life and I wanted a HUGE party to celebrate it and I want to make next year even better.

This year I have really got into my fitness I have started to train at F45 and Barrys London as well as having a personal trainer I see twice a week. My trainer James Middleton is amazing and has helped me so much. I use to find going to the gym a complete chore and now I do it because I love it so much. This year I have also turned to a fully plant based diet. I have always been a vegetarian but I have cut out eggs, cheese and I only have nut milk. I feel a billion times better for it too.

I am so lucky to have launched my own PODCAST which is available across all digital devices with my best friend Anna Kola and starting to produce my own Amazon TV Show. This year was also the year I was casted in my first ever commercial which has gone on all of the South Asian Channels (I always wanted to be in a commercial, so this is a dream). Being a massively creative person I started to work for a massively creative company called GLOBAL which has been a dream (the best job I have ever had). I really put myself out there this year – attended tonnes of events, met so many new friends and just really started loving myself.

Enough of that now, let me tell you how I planned my PINK BIRTHDAY PARTY XXX

At the end of this post is the video of my party.


Anyone that knows me knows how much I love PINK. It is my absolute favourite colour in the whole wide world and I am the biggest girly girl ever. I designed my birthday cake and this was made by Bluebell Bakes (who a friend recommended). The design I sent Rachel was exactly the cake that she made. I am a massive cake lover and I love styling things nicely. Presentation is key and I couldn’t love this beautiful cake any more than I could imagine.

I wanted to have a pink Ombre for the bottom layer – the gradual blending of all of the pink tones looks super gorgeous. This also matched the different coloured balloons that where scattered about in the house. I loved how the balloons and the bottom part of the cake match. I love too look at things like that and make everything work so well.

Ombre is also so stylish and not the “same thing” – it gives the cake a different type of look and this cake is so so so so ME and my style.

The top part of the cake was in one pink tone colour and had glitter on. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a glitter and pink girl so this cake couldn’t be anymore me. I love how the gorgeous fresh flowers look on top of the cake and how it all just works well together.

The bunting at the top of the cake had my name on – Maya Radhika. I wanted to use this instead of a cake topper because I feel bunting is a bit more boho and a bit more my style. The cake board was also super cute and pink.

My birthday party had many shades of pink – especially with the balloons so it was important that the cake was different shades of pink. I also loved the pattern on the bottom layer which was so intricate and cute.

The bottom layer of the cake had a lot of things going on with the different colours and dimensions that it was important that the top layer was just kept to a minimal one tone pink. The glitter on the top layer really stood out and there was a bit of glitter on the cake board itself.

The whole cake actually looked like a piece of art work on the table. I am a creative person, so I always look at how the whole thing will come together and look against the backdrops.

Having flowers on a cake is a symbol of happiness. Of course, the flowers are pink because that was the theme of my birthday party. It just added the extra touch to the cake and as they say was the “icing on the cake”. The cake was just as yummy as it looked. It almost looked too pretty to eat, but of course this had to be cut.

The little ribbons across the bunting was so gorgeous. The pink ribbons really stood out. The text my name was written in was in a gorgeous font and I loved how it was baby pink in the background and dark pink across the edges. I am all about the small details and this really stood out for me.

Having fresh flowers on birthday cake was a gorgeous way to add decoration to this master piece. I had a lot to celebrate this year so flowers was definitely the way forward.

Honestly, this cake tasted just as beautiful as it looked. I couldn’t recommend making your own cake and then seeing it come too life is amazing. All of my family and friends loved the beauty of my cake.


I am a girl that is all about personalisation. A company called Bubballoons did all of the balloon decoration. I had one gorgeous personalised balloon with my name on and pink feathers. I put this on the table because it really stood out and was a centre piece alongside my stunning cake.

I ordered a mixture of foil and latex balloons. The foil balloons where in heart and star shapes. Both of these balloons came in different shades of pink which was super adorable. The balloons really made the whole downstairs of my house look completely different. It is sometimes the small things but the effect was huge.

On my personalised balloon I had “Maya Radhika Pink Birthday” written on and I wanted to embrace all of the pink that was on show. The balloons are secured to a weight by a bright balloon tail – all of these balloons have lasted for a good 7 days before they showed signs of deflating.

So many of my friends loved the balloons as they thought it was super intricate and felt like a proper pink party. You can’t go wrong with lots and lots of pink.

The paper weight was also in different shades of pink and this complemented all of the different balloons that I had for my birthday. Honestly, having balloons adds such a gorgeous touch and I couldn’t recommend this enough for a party.

Personalised Touches

I had confetti on the table and I got personalised confetti. The company that I used was Party Rama.

This is easy to order online and again adds a sense of personal touch to the whole party.

On one side of the confetti I had writing on and on the other-side was a photo of me in a heart shape. Honestly, it was so cute and super adorable. On the table I also had glitter confetti mixed in with the personal one that I had ordered.

Confetti generally means good wishes and this year I want lots of good wishes passed my way. I have had an extremely blessed year and I completely just want that to continue.

Table Setting

The balloons, cake, pink table cloth and pink biscuits all made my table look amazing. When everything comes together and you see your vision come to life it is totally amazing. Literally the idea I had in my head for this has come to life.

The whole setting of the table was super cute and completely my style. My beautiful Mummy got me gorgeous flowers which added the extra touch to the table setting.

As you can see the photo below shows just how much of an impact the balloons actually make. I also put a mirror where my friends could take selfies and right at the front is where we could all do karaoke. I love singing!

The whole set up was amazing and I couldn’t be more proud of how it all looked. Presentation is absolutely everything, so you have to get this right.


The dress I purchased was from Lace and Beads. It is a fuchsia pink dress and super gorgeous. I love how the back bit flows. I actually made a pink board which you can see behind me where selfies could be taken. So, I had two selfie stations – the mirror and pink board. Honestly, everyone kept taking photos here.

I had stunning pink flowers in my hair and my makeup was very classic with a gorgeous pink lip. I also made sure my toenails and fingers where in pink. I wore pink bangles and stunning pink shoes which all completed the look I wanted. A lot of my friends said I looked like an Indian Barbie.

Anyone that knows me, knows I take a lot of pride in the way I look. I watch what I eat, go to the gym and I will always make sure I am dressed in a presentable way. When it is a chance to dress up – I love to go overboard and this was exactly the time that I could.

I had gorgeous silver earrings on with hints of pink that would shimmer. Sometimes – more is more.

Celebrating and cutting my cake

We cut the cake late into the night and it felt amazing cutting my cake with my family and all of the incredible people I have in my life.

I had sparklers which was so cute and my two pillars beside me – who hold my hand in life. My rocks – my parents. My mummy always makes sure I am safe and happy and I couldn’t live my life or survive without her. My Dad is my biggest rock, he has come from nothing and has a huge success. He has shown me anything is possible and taught me not to care about opinions of other people.

The cutlery was also pink with pink cups, plates and tissues. I served the cake in this and the main dinner was in a buffet style.

It all came together – the cake, balloons and personalised touches.

Karaoke and Friends

I used a company called Top Cat Entertainment and we had a karaoke. OMG, this is so much fun to do at a house party. I couldn’t recommend this enough and everyone gets in the mood to have the best time. Of course, I sang Britney.

The majority of my friends all wore pink which was so cute (well the ones that had pink). I also had a pink carpet where the person who was singing would stand on that pink carpet. Honestly, my family house felt like a concert.

As you can see lots of my friends where wearing pink clothes. I am such a lucky girl to have the bestest friends in the world. At my party, I shed a tear because I couldn’t believe all of these people came just for me and I felt so so loved.

My birthday party was very much a house party vibe – quite literally people just kept coming. That is the vibe I wanted however. The food that was served was actually late at night and it was an Indian Buffet style but it was proper dinner. I think at this point I was so hungry I didn’t take photos but you can see in the video 🙂

I have a mixture of friends from all walks of life – cultures, ages and backgrounds and too see all of these people in my family home was amazing.

The first song I sang was Britney but literally there was a huge choice of selection. As the night went passed we did a lot of dancing – my party didn’t actually finish until 4am (so thank you parents for allowing this all). I wanted to do this party at home so it was more special and felt close.

All of my friends made the effort too look really good – my best friend Anna wore sparkles for me which is so unlike her as she doesn’t like sparkly clothes.

Friendship is one of the most important things in life and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the amazing support network of friends that I have.

I love this photo as it is a Mummy’s and Daughter’s photo. Me, Anna, my mum and Anna’s Mum – this is definitely a photo that I am going too frame for sure.

My friend Anita also brought her adorable daughter Abigail – my friend also brought her son too.

The mirror that I used as a selfie station worked really well and everyone wanted to take photos against it which meant that it served its purpose.

Friends in Pink Clothes

It was amazing to see all of my friends actually make the effort and go out of their way to wear pink clothes.

My friend Becky looked adorable in a Barbie top.

My friend also brought his dog with him too my party – again super cute! This was a creative persons party paradise. At the entrance of my living room I also had pink tassels that all of my friends could walk through to make it that little bit EXTRA.

Honestly, the party went on and on and it could have gone on for longer if me and my friend Arlina didn’t kick anyone out hahaha. Arlina stayed with me and we had a proper girls sleepover.

I love knowing so many different people – I really feel it widens your mind and I learn things from people that I couldn’t teach myself. London is a diverse city so different cultures need to be embraced.

Having all my best friends around me was the best feeling in the world and singing my heart out – I was the happiest girl in the whole world on my birthday night.

I definitely think after having karaoke at my birthday I want to find a place in London and have a karaoke night out again for sure.

The mood was super relaxed and I loved it so so so much. Of course, there was a lot too clean up after but it was worth it for the best night ever.

Birthday Presents

I got so so much for my birthday this year. I want to first of all say thank you to all of my friends and parents.

Anita – Thank you for my beautiful necklace with M on, my birthstone and Libra star sign (it is my everyday necklace now)
Anna – Thank you for my stunning pink coat (my new winter coat now)
Victoria (Annas Mum) – Thank you for my cute purple top which I will wear in winter
Arlina – Thank you for my gorgeous gold earrings
Gaia – Thank you for my stunning ring with the pink stone
Becky – Thank you for my cute bag and earrings
Siana – Thank you for my beautiful pink nail polish you make especially for me
Brian – Thank you for the £50 vouchers
Jason – Thank you for the vegan chocolate
Jona – Thank you for the earrings and stunning flowers


and everyone else for all the cards, drinks and everything!!! Sorry if I have missed anyone off.

I hope to make this year even better now and I cannot wait too see what it is going to bring and hold. With my parents, brother, grandparents and best friends on my side I know nothing is impossible as long as you have love around you. Real, real, real LOVE XXXXXXXXX