As you guys know I love to go to events and meet new people. I attended the BlogCon event this year 2019 and this event was to network with other bloggers. The event was established by blogger Scarlett London and took place in Blackfriars, London. I was actually very close to not going to this event but I am so glad I did. I left the event with winning a pair of £200 Vionic shoes, having my hair and makeup done and meeting a brand new friend – fashion influencer Mari Tran. So it was a win win overall.

Meeting new friends

I love to meet new friends from all walks of life and when I attend networking events I make sure I meet at least one person. It was so funny how me and Mari met, she was vlogging on her camera to the event and I asked her – are you going to BlogCon? She said yes and we immediately started to talk and realised we had so much in common. We have remained friends since and it is so refreshing to meet people like that. I took her for lunch at one of my favourite plant based restaurants in London a few weeks after – The Wulf and Lamb. I love making friends like this!

Making new friends – lunch at Wulf and Lamb in Chelsea, London

So the first reason this event was a success was because I have met a new friend with similar interests. We are also looking at how we can collaborate with each other.

Learning about new brands

So I am a huge lover of fashion and I found out about shoe brand Vionic and I won the competition for £200 shoes. So this was another reason I loved this event. The boots I have are super comfy and stylish.

Right place at the right time

You just never know what can happen when you go to events so I was thrilled to have won a pair of amazing shoes.

Girly Time

I love to be pampered – get my hair and makeup done and this event was the perfect opportunity for this. Below are some photos of my hair and makeup.

Getting pampered
Maya Lakhenpaul – Hair Styling
Maya Lakhenpaul – Makeup

I am a big girly girl so it was a double treat to get my hair and makeup done professionally.


A brand called Qualatex Balloons also attended. I am the girl that loves to host events so it was amazing to network with brands like this.


I am sure I will be using this brand in the very near future for parties I host.

It was worth attending

I am so happy I attended. My body was tired that day and I wanted to sleep. However, I got up – put myself on the tube and from this event I came out with:

1. Making a brand new friend
2. Winning a pair of shoes
3. Networking with small businesses
4. Meeting other bloggers

Sometimes you just have to leave your house and push yourself to get out there. I am looking forward to attending more of these events in the future.