Hey, welcome to my blog!

I am Maya Radhika Lakhenpaul and I have my fingers in a variety of different things. My two main passions in life are creativity and sports. I am a London and lifestyle blogger, content creator, I had a career in the past as a marketer and I am CIM qualified, as well as being an actress and I have recently qualified as a personal trainer (Level 3 with YMCA). I am in the process of setting up my fitness and wellness business Maya Inspire – where I hope to inspire many people to lead a healthy and happy life. I have combined my love for both creativity and sports to work in this space.

I am a true Londoner and I was born in Hammersmith, West London. Born and bred in London this is a city that I adore and a city I know inside out however there are always new things to experience here and so much that does go on. I once heard the quote “By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show” – Samuel Johnson and this is a quote I could not agree with more. I have many friends from all walks of life I have met in London and I adore how each different borough is unique and different. My knowledge and expertise of the city was what prompted me to start my YouTube channel – Lady London in 2017.

Being a creative person, I also found myself working in marketing in the fashion industry and this allowed me to channel my love of clothes with my creativity and working on campaigns and shoots have been a dream! Now, I’ve been lucky enough to take this experience and develop my own YouTube, Blogging, Instagram and Amazon Show which has allowed me to work with some amazing brands.

I’m often asked what running a YouTube Channel actually entails. I create all of the content ideas for my channel, source storyboards and work with my videographer to film and edit on Adobe Premier Pro. The next step is uploading, scheduling and releasing it for you to watch.

As well as everything I’ve just mentioned I also attend daily meetings, go to evening events and work closely with my agent. Oh, and keeping my Instagram and Twitter up to date! I’m simply ‘Maya Lakhenpaul’ on all platforms apart from YouTube which is called “Lady London”.

So, What Can You Expect To See Here?

YouTube – Lady London

In August 2017 I wanted to showcase my favourite London haunts and I created my first YouTube channel called “Lady London”. London is the backdrop for the channel and this channel covers major events happening within the city as well as showcasing the best markets, fashion, culture and the marvellous world of theatre including The West End and fringe productions. You can expect to see my recommendations and tips you wouldn’t necessarily find in a London guide book. The channel also focuses on interviewing influential people such as The Mayor of London, Fashion Designers and Entrepreneurs.

One highlight has been having access to the YouTube space studios in Kings Cross and I am very much looking forward to producing more content in this creative space. My YouTube channel teamed up with Rough Runner and I produced a series of this over a course of 6 YouTube videos.

Amazon Prime TV Show – Creative Conversations with Maya Lakhenpaul

Producing YouTube videos for a year now has taught me how to put videos together and create content. With this knowledge I have now recently started to produce my own TV Show on Amazon called “Creative Conversations with Maya Lakhenpaul” for their prime members.

I will also be keeping you up-to-date with the content creation that I will be producing for Amazon. I will be working extremely hard on this content as the team of people that publish these videos in each country watch this before the videos go live. This will ensure that I produce better quality videos and gain a new audience.

My TV Show is about people in the creative industries giving advice and there expertise into the creative world. I will be interviewing music producers, established bloggers, actors and many more creatives.


One of my favourite things to post about is fashion so I’ll be showing you some of my favourite outfits from a variety of affordable as well as high end brands. I love seeing all the different trends and incorporating my own personal style. I will be producing lookbooks and a lot of content about the different styles and which ones I like. Beauty and wellness is something that I also love and you can expect to see me writing about my favourite products and retreats in this blog.

Health and Fitness

Over the last few years I have developed a huge love for health and fitness. In my blog I will discuss different workouts that help me to focus. I love keeping active to have a healthy happy mind and keeping fit allows me to do this. I will discuss the benefits of my workouts on this blog.

You can find out more about my business Maya Inspire here.


Travelling is a huge passion of mine and I feel it really does open your mind and I love to experience new cultures and how different people live. I will take you on my journey of different places I visit and give you an insight to my different travels.

Vegetarian Food

I have been a vegetarian my whole life and provide the best places to eat if you are vegetarian or vegan.  You can also expect to see me writing about my current favourite restaurants around London, other parts of the UK and abroad. I love discovering new vegetarian or healthy places to eat so I will be covering that on here, but I will be talking about a range of restaurants that are perfect to visit for an occasion that anyone would love.

I’ll be creating a few simple recipes here and there for you too, so keep your eyes out for those!

Enjoy 🙂

It has been a busy few months but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I’m looking forward to “updating my blog frequently”. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog and keeping up to date with the posts.

From London with ALL of my love,

Maya xxx