Movie Magic

I saw A Star Is Born a few weeks ago and oh my goodnessssssss this is one of the BEST MOVIES I have seen all year. From the cinematography, to the music, to the acting and the incredible songs I was sitting on the edge of my seat and by the end of the film I was in floods of tears.

Music is a massive passion of mine and I love when I can watch something and relate to it. We all have had our heart broken, wanted to achieve things in life and it just makes you get stronger. Lady Gaga is insane and so incredible. She really made this movie come to life.

I have downloaded the music from the movie and I am constantly listening to the songs whether I am working out in the gym, driving in the car or listening to it on my Iphone en route to work on the tube in the mornings.

Movie Magic
Movie Magic


This movie is for a 21 Century audience, this film stars the insane Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: the former in her first big-screen starring role. This captures the slow grind of touring and the speedy ups and downs of pop stardom can be a notoriously tricky business.

Cooper plays Jackson Maine, a grizzled, axe-wielding country-rocker who stumbles out of a gig and into a late-night drag bar in search of booze . Here he sees Ally (Lady Gaga, brilliant) singing La Vie en Rose. It’s a show-stopping turn, striking a chord with the tinnitus-tormented Maine, who thinks he’s found an artist with “something to say and a way to say it”. But Ally, who hides her own songwriting light under a bushel, thinks the music industry is full of men who say: “You sound great, but you don’t look so great.” So Maine, in an act of both sacrifice and salvation, foists Ally on stage in front of his adoring crowd, with spectacular results. I love this story as it shows as long as you have talent anything is possible – there are no limits in life at all. 

For one enchanted moment, their chemistry is perfect, with each firing the other’s dreams. These star paths are crossed rather than entwined. He’s dependent on a self-destructive cocktail of steroid injections, booze and boot-crushed pills. As for her, fame brings its own baggage, as pop-savvy manager Rez (Rafi Gavron) moulds her image with new dancers and hairdos and publicity photos that “don’t even look like me”.

Beyond the jokes about her unmarketable nose, Lady Gaga says that is holding her back – her looks and her nose. We can all relate to something we are insecure about. Significantly, Ally has the cover of Carole King’s Tapestry framed on her bedroom wall and there’s a hint of the King-inspired 1996 film Grace of My Heart in her progress from songwriter to recording star, particularly in a lovely scene in which Maine suggests using a piano keyboard to unlock her natural studio voice.

Yet for all his support, Maine is unsettled by Ally’s success, and the independence it brings her (“why can’t I be enough?”).

Strong supporting turns include Sam Elliott as Bobby, the brother from whom Maine apparently “stole” his voice, Andrew Dice Clay as Ally’s protective yet clumsily undermining father and Dave Chappelle as an old musician friend of Jackson’s who found a way out of all the craziness.

The ending of the film is incredibly sad and breaks my heart.

I expect to see A STAR IS BORN nominated in numerous categories in the forthcoming awards season, not least for acting, direction and songwriting.

Always remember us this way

This is my favourite song at the moment and I know all of the words. It is such a gorgeous song and I have shared the lyrics. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!!

The other songs I love from the movie are:

  • Maybe It’s time
  • Look What I Found
  • Is That Alright?
  • Shallow
  • I’ll Never Love Again

Themes Explored

This movie addresses so many different themes, but the main thing to take away is never give up on yourself. Lady Gaga has openly said she is totally different from her character Ally because when she started she knew she wanted to be a singer and did everything in her power to make that happen. Even pretend to be her own manager. Ally however has totally given up on herself and it is the love Jackson has that gives her the wings to fly.

The different themes addressed are:

  • True Love
  • Substance abuse
  • Losing yourself


I honestly, honestly, honestly cannot recommend this movie enough! It really got to me. I saw this at the Curzon Victoria . I adore Curzon Cinemas. This is a big staged movie so you have to see this on the big screen.

I watch movies at Curzon because of the atmosphere, comfort, location and the food. It’s also a place where the drinks and conversation flow in equal measure, where cinema becomes a memorable experience for a broad range of people.

Curzon Cinema has been in the cinema industry since 1934 and the company has brought films to audiences curious about the world. There are thirteen venues across the UK and they are designed and furnished individually as well as being equipped with superior cinema technology. All of my days are spent in London, so this is so easy for me.

I hope you have the chance to see this movie – let me know what you think and please try not to cry as much as I did xxx