This is a very special blog post for me because it has been something that has been a huge part of what I have been doing since the start of the year 2019. I was so so determined this year to be extremely healthy mentally and physically and totally enjoy this year. I am so proud to say that is what I have managed to do and ever since I have made serious changes, serious changes are happening in my life. I am quite an anxious person and one mechanism that helps me to be the best version of me is healthy nutrition, exercising and sleeping correctly.

I want to share how fitness has most certainly changed my life.

Healthy, happy girl
Healthy, happy girl

I was always an active child. My mum took me swimming almost everyday after school when I was in primary school and I was a gymnast from about 8 to 14 years old. My childhood was so happy and I think part of the reason was because I was so active.

As I grew older life kicked in and stress occurred as it does with anyone. I went through my teenage years and being a female I take things to heart. I let the smallest things affect me. I was totally fed up of feeling like this and I want to be the best version of myself and excel to levels and for that I know the mind and body both have to be strong. I felt I wanted to get stronger and I was more than ever determined to do that this year. Exercise gives me a focus and it totally forces me to be in the moment and my mind cannot wonder off.

Being in the moment

When I am working out, I am mindful and I am in that present moment exactly. Of course, exercise can be dangerous especially if you are new to weights and haven’t trained in a certain way. I am new to weight training and I train one-on-one with James Middleton who is a well known fitness trainer within the industry in Fulham, London twice a week. I love these session so much and really do feel the burn. He is such a great trainer and the sessions are intense. He definitely makes me work very hard and I get a sweat on.

Focus on myself
Focus on myself

Why exercise?

For me I exercise not to just “look good” but I want to have a healthy strong body. Also when I have my children I want to be able to have lots of energy to run around after them. This is going off the topic but I honestly believe keeping fit during pregnancy is so important and when you can train after birth you should. Of course, this depends how much you have done before and how active you are. I have a few friends who trained throughout pregnancy and they did say how beneficial it was for their babies, the birth and mental health.

Take time to stretch
Take time to stretch

Exercise has been the best thing I have done for my brain and my brain controls my entire body. So it’s kind of a big deal to look after it. I want to look good, I mean who doesn’t? But for me its more all of the effects exercise is having on my brain.

Natural medicine
Natural medicine

After a single workout l immediately increase levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline.

After a workout especially after my sessions with James I can focus my attention and this sets me up for the best day ahead. It really has changed my life – during my adult life and in my late 20’s I didn’t care about exercise that much or living a healthy lifestyle. My brain was all scattered and I had horrible anxiety. I started to train smartly and instead of focusing on “trying to look better” I wanted to train to be happier.

Ever since I have I have been able to focus more in life, my career and my moods are so much more positive. I have a gratitude journal I write everyday of 10 things I am grateful and I always workout and this sets me up for the best day ahead.

How do I train?

So, life is busy but hey they are 24 hours in a day and if things are important there are no excuses just lots of hard work and no shortcuts. I balance a career at Global Radio working in marketing with producing a TV show for Amazon, keeping up to date with my blog, having a social life, personal relationships so where is there time for exercise? Exercise is what keeps me sane and enables me to focus on all of these things. It is like the link and I need it to do well and to be happy.

Exercise is the bridge to my happiness
Exercise is the bridge to my happiness

I will definitely make sure I keep this as a priority for life and not compromise it. I use to think of exercising as punishing my body but now I train because I love it so much. All of my friends and family know how much of a love I have developed with food and fitness.

Happy girl from the inside out
Happy girl from the inside out

At the end of the day you have one shot at life and I won’t take it for granted it all. I was born healthy and I want to be the healthiest and happiest I can possibly ever be. This will then mean I can be the best version of myself for others close around me. When I started on this journey waking up in the mornings was tough but now when I have rest days I feel a bit like “oh-no”.

So a usual week would be:

Monday – Weights
Tuesday – Train with James (HIIT workout)
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Cardio
Friday – Train with James (HIIT workout)
Saturday – Swimming or weights (depend how I feel)
Sunday – Rest

This is something that I have to prioritise because everything else then runs smoothly in my life. I have also made so many incredible friends on my fitness journey.

Brain is a muscle

The brain is a muscle and the more I am working out the stronger I am becoming mentally. I have got rid of everything that upsets me and removed anything toxic and toxic people and I am in the happiest place ever in life, in my head/brain and in my body.

Exercise also reduces so many illnesses like dementia. Like I said before, you have ONE SHOT at life – you need to grab it with everything you have.

One shot at life
One shot at life

When I am an old lady at over 90 years old (I hope I get to live that long) I want to be healthy mentally and physically and all the years I have before that I want to enjoy it. I know if I feel like the happiest and healthiest girl on the planet positive situations and people will be attracted and life can be magnificent.

This works so well for me. If you are new to exercise it is better to see a doctor to see if you can exercise and when you start there is no looking back. I am the fittest and happiest I have been years. That happy 14 year old has come out again.

Just as Nike says – Just do it.

Big Love,

Maya xxx

All of the fitness clothing I am wearing is from Lululemon